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Optimize your online assets and drive targeted & relevant traffic to your website

  It’s a well-known fact that web pages which rank at the top get better traffic. This means more visitors, and more visitors mean more number of potential business opportunities. A soaring number of businesses are slowly but steadily, moving online and all that matters now is being found at the right place and at the right time; magnifying your visibility and enhancing business volume and company value.

 Today’s Search Engine Optimization rests on a delicate balance between captivating content and website optimization, and not just keyword counts from high ranking websites. Our SEO services are implemented using the latest white hat trends and technology to organically boost visibility of your website within the algorithmic search results of search engines to distribute good quality and focused traffic to your website. Being a well-established SEO company, we provide customized SEO solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Under SEO we perform these services

On-Page Optimization

On Page optimization fine tunes your website’s key elements to make it easier for search engine web crawlers to understand your website and index your webpages. We analyze your existing website architecture and key performance indicators to determine the barriers and establish a robust optimization roadmap. This helps us implement a continuous and data driven optimization process designed to boost your online presence and maximize engagement.

Page Title

Page titles are one of the most important of SEO factors. Each of the pages and posts are given a distinguishable and unique title which include the keywords for that page.



Meta descriptions act a preface for your website on the search engine result pages. A good keyword rich Meta description hence highlights the purpose of your business effectively.


Meta Tags

Meta tags help search engines understand the contents of your website more deeply. Its important to include a list of high performance relevant keywords which highlight your content topic

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Body Tags

Body tags help search engine web crawlers determine the important sections in your website content. Breaking up the content into meaningful sections with keyword rich body tags help search engines process your content easily

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URL Structure

Short keyword rich URLs always perform better with search engines

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Keyword Density

The website ultimately is for the visitors and not for the search engines. Balanced usage of keywords without unnecessary stuffing is to be followed to keep the content short, meaningful and search engine friendly

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Off-Page Optimization

Off Page optimization boosts your rankings on search results via quality backlinks and engaging content that resonates with visitors and drives prospective customers to your website. Leveraging our intricate knowledge of search engine operations and social media platforms, we acquire quality backlinks and anchor texts for your website and promote your business through captivating and shareable content that educates the customer about your brand

Content Marketing

The more people interact with your website, the better. The best way to promote your brand is to consistently provide high quality keyword optimized content that educates and engages the target audience.

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Link Profile Analysis

In-depth analysis of existing links is performed and compared with the competitor’s links performance to help identify untapped sources and areas of backlink improvement.

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Identify Key Influencers

After understanding your business objective, we try to identify the key influencers within your niche industry who have a vast online following, to influence them to provide quality backlinks to enhance search engine rankings

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Anchor Text

The performance of the existing anchor texts is gauged and optimized to link to the most appropriate and relevant content.

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Internal Linking

The website internal links helps make it easy for the visitors to navigate between the website’s various pages and also ensures that the whole website gets properly crawled by the search engine web crawlers. The linking structure is therefore analyzed and optimized to provide seamless navigation across pages.

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Local SEO

All the best search engines at present have strengthened their criteria for local searches which make it absolutely imperative to have a balanced local SEO strategy. We combine On-Page optimization and geo tagging technology to implement effective search campaigns targeted at the localized markets to attract customers. We identify the most relevant context based search terms to create robust technical keywords that magnify your presence in local directories, social media sites and various mobile applications.


Search engines are able to pick NAP (name, address and phone number) information easily on website, but still it is important to optimize the website to make this information easily accessible to let it understand and display where your business is located.

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Social Profile

Social media platforms are the new yellow pages. We help invigorate your business online via social media promotions and online citations which helps potential customer interact with your brand and also existing customers review your business positively, which builds your brand visibility.

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Google My Business

We help get your business on ‘Google My Business’. This helps the popular search engine pinpoint your business location whenever users search for products and services related to you.

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Schema Markup

Schema Markup is types of code that feed information such as your location and contact information directly to the search engine. We optimize your schema markup to help your site rank higher in the local search queries.

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