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  Social Media is the new yellow pages. It’s a huge warehouse with everyone’s info in it and Social Media Marketing is a method to leverage that information to promote your business or website successfully. Maestro InfoTech System is one of the top social media marketing service providers in Bangalore and we help you identify and engage your online customer base and also implement hyper targeted marketing campaigns that build trust and which gets a conversation running about your brand. A successful social media marketing campaign transforms your business and provides you with the following benefits.

  •  Provide quality content and increase people engagement
  •   Increase business visibility
  •  Select target audience
  •   Create a bespoke social media strategy
  •   Run captivating campaigns
  •   Grow customer base

what we do


Facebook has over 1 billion active users currently, it is one of the most widely used social media platforms on the planet and nearly a billion posts are shared and liked each day. It is the repository of a huge amount of data which can be mined in order to create unparalleled targeting opportunities. We use state of the art data collection and analytics tools to identify interest based behavioral patterns to target prospective consumer audience. This helps us develop content aligned with consumer intent to drive better business returns.

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Being the brainchild of the largest and the best search engine on Earth, marketing focused on Google+ has specific benefits compared to other social media sites. First and foremost being significant SEO ranking benefits. Posts which gain considerable +1s, comments and shares on Google Communities, signals the search engine that the particular bit of content is good and hence should be ranked higher. By performing an intensive keyword research, we leverage your brand equity by using keyword and hash tag rich content which influences users as well as search engines.

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Through effective audience targeting and data analysis, we develop engaging content which helps your business to be part of the trending topics, bringing you into the limelight and enhancing your visibility. By effectively transforming your twitter channel as a hotspot for social media activity and promoting relevant product information, we engage users to have conversations related to your business, building your brand authority.

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By utilizing and keyword intensive and customized description on attractive and captivating images, we amplify your brand visibility and help you enjoy a large and considerable following of potential customers. This ultimately drives increased web traffic, magnifying business volume and ROI.

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LinkedIn provide a way to market directly to professionals all over the world. It is an evolving platform which gives the unique ability to advertisers to target their ads to specific target audiences at different stages of the conversion funnel, thereby reducing wasted ad spends and campaign inaccuracy.

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Having a considerable number of readership on blogging platforms including the most popular one from Google –Blogger can have a sizeable impact on your business. Posting captivating and engrossing content periodically regarding your business domain or products can educate users about your business and also provide new and interesting information, making it a very capable means of lead generation and customer attraction.

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